Cedar Rapids Stain and Odor Removal ServiceRegardless of how hard we try accidents still do happen. One enters the living area with muddy shoes, or you unintentionally knock down your coffee cup, spilling it over the sofa. No matter how hard we try to be careful, it’s just a matter of time before we stain our upholstery and carpets- which is the reason why you will need a professional stain removal in Cedar Rapids, IA.

As Cedar Rapids leading home carpet cleaners, we’ve the knowledge as well as the expertise to do away with even the toughest of stains.  Our team of technicians is well-trained, and combines many years of experience in the industry with the best chemicals and equipment. They are also available for emergency assistance in case you have got a bad stain that needs to be removed before someone sees it!

We remove stains in carpets and also in all kinds of upholstery. We use eco-friendly and non-toxic stain removers that will not damage your fabrics. These offer maximum protection while eliminating all sorts of stains, spots and blemishes.

With a reliable cleaning process, high-end equipment and the best chemicals, we leave your carpet looking as good as new. You will be hard-pressed to identify the traces and there is no stain we are reluctant to deal with:

  • foods
  • Nail/shoe polish
  • gums
  • mud
  • coffee
  • urine
  • chocolate
  • beer
  • milk
  • wine
  • pet odors
  • pet stains

Our Effective Cleaning Method:

  • Inspect the fabric or textile and come up with the most effective cleaning solution
  • Pre-test using the appropriate cleaning agent that’ll not damage your carpet’s dye.
  • Use a top quality spot remover on your fabric
  • Utilize powerful stain extraction equipment to remove the deepest of spots

For additional information, get in touch with us on 319-409-6206. Regardless of the problem or the time of day, rest assured that the best spot removal Cedar Rapids service is here to help!

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